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Free Must Have WordPress Plugins for Beginners

Free Must Have Plugins For Beginners

Recently, while I was creating a new website and installing the usual plugins (Yoast Seo, Jetpack, Askimet etc). I found that some of my best regular plugins we’re slowing down my website. I then decided to test them all. So here’s what I found..

First of all, I’m not making money with this blog. None of the links of this page are Affiliate links. It’s all unbiased informations based on my personal experience. These plugins are all Free. Their free versions only have basic functions, but it’s more than enough for most beginners.

So, let’s start with the most common ones:

Yoast SEO:


Yoast help to create Google compatible articles. It also creates sitemaps for you.

It’s a must have and basically don’t slow down your website. So go ahead and install it, there’s no problem.



Askimet help protect your site from unwanted spam from Internet.

It’s a bit rubbish to install, you have to register for a free account. But once installed, it don’t seems to slow down the website. I have it on most of my sites and basically don’t have any problem with it.



Jetpack is a security, backup and some tools plugins. It also have an integrated image content delivery network (CDN).

Usually, I only install Jetpack when intalling Woocommerce. It slows down your website abit, and I only installing it when I have to.



Woocommerce is an eCommerce platform.

When installing Woocommerce, you are required to install Jetpack. So, your site will be slow down a bit. Unfortunately, when you need to sell something directly on your website, you don’t have much the choice. There’s a few Plugins that can help improve Woocommerce speed though. I will list them later.

W3 Total Cache:


W3 Total Cache help increase websites performance. 

W3 is a bit complicated to configure, but it can really help improve your site performance. And, It’s compatible with most wordpress themes.



Updraftplus is a backup Plugin:

Updraft doesn’t slow down your website, and it’s basically a must. Believe me, when you try new thing on your site and things turn bad, you will appreciate your backup. You can also send your backups to your Google Cloud Account.

Envira Gallery:


Envira Gallery is an image gallery Plugin:

If you need to show an image gallery, Envira is a very good choice. You have to be aware though, witchever gallery plugin you will choose, the website speed will slow down with the number, and size, of the pictures you put in them.



WPform is an easy to use basic Form Creator.

WPform doesn’t slow your website. It only has very basic forms on their free version though.

All in one Rich Snippets Plugin:


All in one help your to add rich nippets to your website. 

All in one only add a very small amount of information to your website, so it basically doesn’t slow down your website.



WP-Optimize cleans your wordpress database and help your site run faster.

This plugin actually speed-up your website a bit. But don’t expect it to be spectacular.

EWWW Image Optimizer:


EWWW Image Optimizer compress the images you upload and the ones you already have.

Compressing your images is very important for your website speed. Every speed testing sites suggest you to compress your images.



Come back often to check our new plugin additions.

Free Must Have Plugins For Beginners




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